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Mademoiselle de Jonquiers


WEDNESDAY, April 24, 2019 at either 2:00 or 7:00, FULL CIRCLE THEATRE, PERTH or THURSDAY, April 25, 2019 at either 2:00 or 7:00, STATION THEATRE, SMITHS FALLS

In this French film, a romance between a widow and a notorious libertine takes an unexpected turn and Mademoiselle de Joncquières becomes instrumental in one lover’s plans for revenge.


Date :
April 24, 2019 from 2-4pm

Event location :
Full Circle Theatre
26 Craig St., Perth ON, K7H 1X9

Contact :
Name: Faye Cunningham
Phone:613 267 1224


The Wife

WEDNESDAY, February 20, 2019 at either 2:00 or 7:00, FULL CIRCLE THEATRE, PERTH or THURSDAY, February 21, 2019 at either 2:00 or 7:00, STATION THEATRE, SMITHS  FALLS.

Joe Castleman is being given the Nobel Prize for Literature, and he and wife couldn’t be happier. But from the moment the couple arrives in Stockholm, tensions rise. What’s more, with all the attention being paid to Joe’s long career, the normally shy Joan is pushed uncomfortably into the spotlight, where long-kept secrets are in danger of being illuminated. Stars Glenn Close in an Oscar-worthy performance.


Date :
Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Event location :
Perth, ON

Contact :
E-mail: or Website:

Film Night International presents: “Patients”


WEDNESDAY, February 6, 2019 at either 2:00 or 7:00, FULL CIRCLE THEATRE, PERTH or THURSDAY, February 7, 2019 at either 2:00 or 7:00, STATION THEATRE, SMITHS FALLS.

After a serious sports accident, Ben is sent to a rehabilitation center to learn how to live with his injuries. He meets other handicapped people and, despite everything, hope and friendship help them find the strength to live with their difficulties.

Date :
Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Event location :
Full Circle Theatre, Perth, ON

Contact :
E-mail:; 613-267-1224 (Perth Library) or 613-283-2911 (Smiths Fall Library)

Film Night International presents: “Loving Vincent”!


WEDNESDAY, January 24, 2018 at either 2:00 or 7:00, FULL CIRCLE THEATRE, PERTH Or THURSDAY, January 25, 2018 at either 2:00 or 7:00, STATION THEATRE, SMITHS FALLS

FiNI (Film Night International) Presents: gets underway in Perth in January with another exceptional line-up of critically acclaimed and award-winning films. At the series opener they will be celebrating their 15th anniversary of bringing the best of Canadian and international films to the community.

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018: LOVING VINCENT, a movie that explores the circumstances of the death of Vincent van Gogh.

The Story

On July 27, 1890, a gaunt figure stumbled down a drowsy high street at twilight in a small French country town with blood leaking from his belly. This was Vincent van Gogh, then a little known artist. His tragic death has long been known; what has remained a mystery is how and why he came to be shot. Loving Vincent tells that story.

Passes to all 9 films are $90. (the remaining four films of the series will be announced in due course as bookings are made). Tickets at the door, if available, are $10 each. Matinees start at 2pm and evening screenings begin at 7pm, at the Full Circle Theatre in Perth.

Film Night International is a non-profit group run entirely by volunteers in partnership with the Film Circuit, a division of the Toronto International Film Festival Group that now has almost 200 locations across Canada screening independent films in communities that would otherwise not have the opportunity to see them. All Film Night International’s profits, after expenses, are donated to the Perth Public Library. To watch the official trailer, please click here.


Date :
Wednesday, January 24, 2018 from 7pm to 9 pm


Event location :
Full Circle Theatre, Perth


Contact :
Film Night International

Daniel Blake at Full Circle Theatre – Perth


Film Night International presents “I, DANIEL BLAKE at Full Circle Theatre (26 Craig St., Perth) on Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 with screenings at 2pm and 7pm.

British master Ken Loach won his second Palme d’Or at Cannes for this timely drama about an aged, ailing handyman’s battle to survive after being denied his government health allowances. Tickets are $10 each or a 9-film pass is $75, at the Perth & District Union Public Library.

Both events release twice a day from 2 pm to 4 pm and from 7 pm to 9 pm.


Date :

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Event location :

Full Circle Theatre,
Craig Street, Perth, ON, Canada


Contact :

Film Night International
Phone contact: 613-267-1224