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Barndoor Productions presents : the Great Temperance Soirée


BarnDoor Productions presents “The Great Temperance Soiree”. An evening of harmony, comedy and sobriety by Janet Coward. PERFORMANCE DATES: July  8, 9, 10 ONLY.

This fun-filled show traces the rise and fall of the temperance movement in Perth in the 19th century.
Dull, right?  No way!

Taken directly from the pages of the Perth (Bathurst) Courier, it’s filled with laughs, surprises and a lot of music.

Join the “cold-water army” and battle for sobriety. This is not only a look at one aspect of Perth’s history, but an overview of the society that built our community.


Arrived. Experienced. Loved it! What an awesome troupe of performers. All so talented! And such a depth of material covered – all with humour, style and wit. I was just blown away by the performances. Musically one could only find this caliber at the NAC. But we are lucky – they are an integral centre of our community. Gotta love it!”  A.D. Perth

Date :
July 8 – 10, 2016

Event location :
Full Circle Theatre
26 Craig Street, Perth Ontario

Contact :
For further information, please visit:
Or call 613 267 1884